All About Mugs

Mugs is nothing more than an experiment. We wanted to see what would happen if you combine a welcoming environment, tasty sips and eats, and good people offering world class customer service to an amazing community of people. Well, if you come in, you can see the result.


About Mugs

Mugs was founded in 2002 by McCabe Callahan with the desire to do something innovative in Fort Collins. After traveling abroad he saw an opportunity to open the first wireless Internet cafe in Fort Collins in August of 2002. Building every shop with his own two hands because of a passion to pour his blood sweat and tears in to the shops, McCabe continues to operate Mugs along side his wife Marli who currently manages the operation. Since opening, Mugs has served millions of cups of coffee in Fort Collins to new and repeat customers every day trying to be better than the day prior.

We strive to provide a welcoming. environment, delicious high quality products and day-altering customer service in hopes of being a place people love to visit. Our goal is to try and have people leave somehow more fulfilled then when they came in. We try whenever feasible to do the right thing when it comes to local product and produce, organic, fair trade, responsible waste management, and how we treat people.

We have welcomed constructive feedback over the years because it has made us better and we are committed to always trying to be better. In January 2019 for the 4th time since 2004 we remodel Mugs Downtown in our commitment to always evolving. It is with a big heart that Mugs thanks our customers and supporters over the years for being a part of our story. Heres to the next 16 years and all those who will become a part of the mugs family and story.

About the Owners

When McCabe was building Mugs Downtown in 2013 at 23 years old, he met Marli who was working across the street. After he opened the shop and while continuing expansion south, Marli joined the team as the manager of what was Mugs Timberline in 2005. In 2007, Marli moved to back to her home town in Summit County and eventually San Francisco, however McCabe and Marli kept in touch.

In 2008 Marli moved back to Fort Collins and the rest quickly becomes history. Married in 2010, and 3 beautiful children by 2016, McCabe and Marli continue to be passionate about their offering to the community in Mugs.

McCabe has served on many boards in downtown Fort Collins over the years including the Downtown Business Association, Downtown Development Authority, Beat Street, and The Local Living Economy. He was also one of the original founders of 1MillionCups Fort. Collins.

In 2011, inspired by a. real world event where his community helped financially supported him so he could open Mugs @ the Oval, he was inspired to create a new company called Community Funded. Community Funded empowers organizations with technology to better tell their story and connect with supporters who care. Today Community Funded employees over 29 employees with offices in Fort Collins and Denver and serves brand name clients across the United States.

Marli has been the glue that has held their family and the Mugs business together over the years fully responsible for the business today. She is launching new one time and monthly events at Mugs and has led women’s groups in Fort Collins over the years.



Our Community

We have had the unique perspective of caffeinating and nourishing our community for over 16 years. We are steeped in the OG culture of Fort Collins which includes social equality, saying hello to strangers, helping where help is needed without expectation, and supporting our neighbors whenever possible. While this culture still exists today, it too changes like all things over time as. the fabric of our community changes. We are proud to have served a constantly evolving community adapting along the way as trends, innovations, and culture demand growth and development.

Our community is diverse and all our welcome. Community through coffee is our slogan and that includes all respectful community members that can enjoy or enhance our offering at Mugs. We believe in a coffee shops ability to provide a platform to build social capital and have witnessed first hand positive interactions that have lead to meaningful relationships, business partnerships, client meetings, new found love, reunited love, and so much more.

It. has been an honor to have so many loyal customers that over the years have shaped Mugs in to what it is today. Through all it’s iterations over the years, Mugs has focused on serving great coffee from good people appreciating the value of people gathering together. Marli and McCabe want to encourage anyone in our community to feel like the have direct access to us as the owners for feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Thank you Fort. Collins for allowing Mugs. to serve you for the past decade. and a half.