Mugs Coffee Lounge

Community Through Coffee


Locally Owned and Operated since 2002. Mugs Coffee Lounge is where the communitiy comes together to do great things.

Mugs is Locally Owned and Operated, and since 2002 it has been a staple part of the Fort Collins’ Community. McCabe Callahan, while still at Colorado State University, started the first Mugs in August of 2002 on Taft & Elizabeth. He went on to open 5 more operations and a lounge in the basement of the Old Town Shop over the next 3 years. In 2007 McCabe made the difficult decision to downsize and restructure the business to spend less time operating multiple businesses; and instead, spend the time to focus on development of the concept of the business at the Mugs Downtown location.

Since that time, we have focused on systematizing Mugs to effectively operate as a business that provides quality products to the Fort Collins community, while maintaining a coffee business that employs full time local employees (80% have already graduated from college). Mugs now has a recycling and compost program reducing waste over 90%. We provide over 85% Fair Trade, Organic, Homegrown, or Local products and give in kind donations to dozens of local organizations every month. We are powered by the wind, and grow some of our own ingredients.

In October of 2010 we opened Mugs @ the Oval in an effort to provide services to the CSU community. Mugs is excited to grow long lasting roots across a new community.

We have thrived to create a culture in our community that encourages social interaction and the exchange of social capital. We feel coffee shops may be one of the last remaining daytime, open forum, social hubs in most communities. We welcome and encourage any and all people to our business.


We're also always voted the BEST OF CSU coffee shop.


Known by our regulars and locals to be the Best Coffee Shop in Fort Collins.

Mugs is locally, family owned and operated since 2oo2